Travel in retirement taught me about myself

by Try New Things

Retirement travel can be easy...

Retirement travel can be easy...

In the five years leading up to my retirement, I enviously read travel blogs from other people that were seeing the world as I wished to do. I took vacations but it was not the vacation idea that I was seeking.

It was more of an experience, a slow languorous exploration of a culture that I was not familiar with. I just needed to retire to be able to have the time for slow travel.

Then I retired and I was reticent to travel for some unknown reason, and I could never take the final step to book the trip. I stayed around home and wondered why I suddenly did not want to travel. I was never bored, but I had wanted to travel for so long.

Then it changed. Suddenly I did it and then I couldn't get enough. It seems in retrospect that I was just decompressing from my job and it was time well spent. Now, I am an easy traveler, taking advantage of any opportunity that looks interesting. I have reached a point where slow travel is even better than I thought it would be and offers the opportunity to really experience the people and culture in all my retirement travel and destinations.

My opportunities for travel could certainly include natural and historically significant sites in North America including Canada, the USA and Mexico. Or there are numerous opportunities in culturally rich countries of Central and South America.

Many of these countries are retirement destinations for both Canadians and citizens of the USA. Visiting countries such as Belize, Costa Rica, Brazil or Chile to name just a few, could provide experiences and information useful in finding a new retirement home.

My travel prospects could alternatively be as a volunteer for a mission group such as Operation Blessing, Orphans Promise, some other religious charity, or even the government. And this type of travel doesn’t have to be confined to the western hemisphere. It could also include Africa and the middle-east or wherever there is a need.

Retirement indeed opens up all kinds of travel opportunities. I have reached a point where slow travel is as good as I thought it would be and the opportunities continue to expand without my initiative.

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