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Retirement-travel-ideas are needed to support the mission of this web site, which is all about helping retirement age people achieve a happy, healthy retirement lifestyle. Travel ideas on great travel and recreation destinations is an essential ingredient in creating that lifestyle. While I have researched the topic and will continue to do so, I need and would greatly appreciate your help in presenting beneficial retirement-travel-ideas.

Reasons for travel vary with each individual. Your retirement-travel goals might be to spend a restful week on the beach at Siesta Key on the West Coast of Florida or a trip to Central America. Mine might be to enjoy the natural beauty of the Canadian wilderness or a cruise exploring the multitude of cultures and rich historical heritage of the Mediterranean.

What is your passion? My passion is history. I find that travel to historically significant sites to be very rewarding and satisfying. Whatever your reasons are, your retirement travel should provide some fun and relaxation. It should also provide some personal growth by extending yourself in some physical or spiritual way.

We all struggle with the "Where do I retire" question. Your retirement-travel destination may be just the right spot for someone looking for a permanent retirement destination. Vacation travel is a great way to check out destinations for possible retirement residence.

A retirement trip of a two week or monthly stay at various times of the year can be very helpful in testing a potential retirement destination. It can provide the opportunity to check out local customs and culture. It can also answer questions about housing, taxes, weather patterns and the big question, “Is this where I want to live?”

I would like to hear about your travel experiences. Have you found that perfect vacation or retirement destination that you are willing to share? We all benefit by sharing experiences with each other. Your contribution will become a web page on this site! Your experience and thoughts on great retirement-travel destinations would be invaluable in helping other retirees get more joy out of their travel experiences.

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Retirement-travel can be to fulfill a life-long dream or simply a way to get away from the day to day routine. Yes, even retired people need to get away. Retirement travel is also a great way to reconnect with family and friends or to make new friends. It can also be a way to find that perfect retirement destination. Do you have a great story about this? Share it!

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