Identify Retirement-Planning-Consultant-Services and Resolve Complex Issues

Do we need retirement-planning-consultant-services? Many of us think  that we are pretty smart and don’t need consultant services. Retirement planning is truly complex. It is very important to get professional consultant services.

As important as it is, there is more to retirement planning than preparing for your financial needs. A great financial basis is not all that important if you or your spouse is in poor physical, emotional or spiritual health. You would do well to add your family physician to your list of planning consultants.

Happiness is also a priceless commodity. Happiness is a choice. Surround yourself with close friends. Stay involved and expand your circle of friends. Don’t let circumstances or anger rob you of happiness. Find the positive in every circumstance and stay true to your core values.

Before we can plan to meet all of our needs in retirement, we must identify those needs and the consultant services we need to help us avoid costly mistakes. At a minimum be sure to seek professional services from a qualified elder law attorney and/or a certified financial planner.

The services of an elder law attorney or a certified financial planner can be expensive. While “free” financial planning services are available, my preference is to retain the services of an independent fee-for-service consultant.

Retirement-planning-consultant-services are needed to assist in goal setting, planning and budgeting for a happy retirement. They can also help us in developing answers to such questions as:

Considerations for Retirement-Planning-Consultant-Services:

  • Do we want to retire or simply take another career path;
  • where to retire; 
  • how much income will we need during retirement;
  • what are our sources of income;
  • how can we get all the social security income that we are entitled to;
  • what is our investment and saving strategy;
  • what tax issues will we face; 
  • what insurance plans do we need;
  • do we need an estate plan; and most importantly
  • How strong is our spiritual foundation?

Most of us feel more in control when we are young, strong and making our own way. This is, however, largely an illusion and as we grow older the reality of a lack of control becomes more apparent.

The perception of loss of control can cause anxiety and fear. That inner peace that we all need for a happy life cannot coexist with anxiety and fear. A strong spiritual foundation based on the realization that our loving God is in control will allay that anxiety and fear. Seek the direction of almighty God as you plan your retirement. We really can’t do without His retirement-planning-consultant-services.

Whether you have already retired or you are a few years before retirement, you should evaluate your retirement options against your anticipated future retirement needs and your current health and financial realities. Be realistic about your retirement needs, set goals, prepare a retirement budget and seek the help of the appropriate professional consultant(s).

And for the sake of your family be sure to have an estate plan prepared. The absence of an estate plan can have a devastating effect on your estate and surviving family members. At a minimum protect your family with a will and advance directives.

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