Consider Retirement-Jobs for Extra Income and Connection

For most of us retirement-jobs will be necessary to provide the extra income needed to provide for an enjoyable, productive life after exiting our full-time career. Continuing to work meaningful jobs whether full or part-time, is also good for our mental health and well being.

Do you want to do what you did during your career or do you want to work at something entirely different? Do you want to go in a completely new and different direction? What are you passionate about? How many hours a week do you need or want to work? Or maybe, that is not what you want or need to do at all.

If you are like me, you are (or were) passionate about your career, but would like to try something different and maybe a little less stressful. Some professions lend themselves to temporary or interim work where you can fill in as needed. Or consulting with your previous employer or one in the same business is a possibility.

If you are not yet eligible for Medicare, health insurance could be an issue. Many retirement-jobs do not offer benefits such as health insurance.

Retirement-jobs may not be easy to find. Determining the job that you want and getting are two different things. Age bias exists to a great degree. Some employers don’t feel that older workers have the energy level of younger workers and will be less productive. Employers are also concerned about cost issues, including health care, workers compensation insurance, safety issues and training. Have you ever been told that you are not the right “fit” or “you are well seasoned?”

Finding a job after retirement is very doable. Simply knowing that age can be an issue helps us prepare. The AARP web site has some great tips on preparing a resume and lists of senior friendly employers. Most states and some cities have agencies to assist older workers find retirement-jobs; one example is the Florida Department of Elder Affairs.

The following is a partial list of senior friendly employers:

  • Walgreen’s
  • CVS Pharmacy
  • Home Depot
  • Target
  • Quest Diagnostics
  • Avis/Budget Car Rental

Enhance your search for retirement-jobs by networking

 Look for net working opportunities such as:

  • Trade or professional associations that you may have belonged to during your career. You may want to stay engaged. Many of these groups have membership categories for retired individuals or associate members. Attending meetings of these groups will keep you exposed to potential employers, enhance your professional standing, and make it possible for you to stay current in your field. All of which, will make you more employable.
  • If you have been a member of a service club such as Rotary or Kiwanis, you may want continue as a member or if not consider joining. The members in these clubs are generally local business leaders. Club projects would also enable you to network with nonmember business and political leaders.
  • Networking online through social networking sites such as Myspace and Facebook or professional sites like Linkedin has great potential.
  • Net work with people that you know well including Members of your Church or Sunday school class and friends and family.

Or start your own home based business. A home based business has several advantages including the freedom to work when you want and your home office expenses may be tax deductible. And it doesn’t matter where your home is. Computers and the internet make many home based businesses portable. You can work it from home whether that home is in Indiana, California or wherever.

Consider starting an online e-business with your own web page or blog. The cost is minimal and there is a significant potential! It is also a mobile business. All you need is a portable computer with web access.

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