Select a Retirement-Career to Improve Health and Lifestyle

For most of us transitioning to a new retirement-career after retiring will be necessary. Even if our retirement income is sufficient for a comfortable retirement, it may fall short of keeping us motivated, involved and active. Movement both physically and mentally is a prerequisite to a long healthy life. In other words don’t become a couch potato or allow yourself to be put on a shelf because it could both shorten your life and destroy the quality of your life.

Engaging in a new retirement-career can provide the extra income needed to provide for an enjoyable, productive life after exiting our full-time career. Continuing to work meaningful jobs whether full or part-time is also good for our mental health and well-being. Remember sometimes less is more. Don’t let a post retirement-career consume you and be destructive to your family and recreational life. Try to leave time for the most meaningful things in your life. This should include God, family, hobbies and volunteer activities.

Do you want to do what you did during your career or do you want to work at something entirely different? Do you want to go in a completely new and different direction? What are you passionate about? How many hours a week do you need or want to work? Or maybe, that is not what you want or need to do at all.  If you are like me, you are passionate about your career, but would like to try something different and hopefully quite a bit less stressful. However, consulting or temporary work in your former profession can help you stay connected.

Money is not the only motivation for working. Avoid a retirement-career that creates stress in your life.  Stress can have dramatic impact on our health and is one of the major causes of high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, cancer, and dementia and kidney failure. Besides at this point in our lives, who needs it?

The following are my thoughts on what a new retirement-career should provide or be:

  • An activity that does not interfere but rather supports our service to our Lord,
  • An activity that supports good health by providing both mental and physical stimulation. If it provides one and not the other then it should be supplemented with a hobby or volunteer activity that does. And don’t neglect healthy nutrition and exercise,
  • An activity that provides a vehicle to serve others as we are commanded to by our Lord,
  • An activity that doesn’t unduly interfere with our family life and recreational activities,
  • An activity that is supportive of our duty to give back to our community and nation,
  • An activity that brings happiness and satisfaction into our lives thereby supporting our emotional health,
  • And a new retirement-career that can provide you with income and the freedom to set your own pace and time. Such a career would have to be one that removed the constraints of working for someone else and the burdens of having employees. That means start your own home based business.

Living a healthy lifestyle with nutrition and exercise under the supervision of your physician is a constant theme of this web site. If you have a passion for helping others, sharing healthy full spectrum hemp oil and other products from "Zilis" is a great "work at home" retirement-business. Follow this link for more information.

People who take these products often have very positive life-changing results. When you take the products regularly, you may feel a big difference in your health and may have an exciting story of your own to tell. 

Remember that a home based business has several advantages including the big two:

  1. The first is freedom to work when you want and
  2. The second is your home office expenses are tax deductible. Of course be prudent and discuss the tax issues with your tax accountant.

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In the end it's not the years in your life that count but the life in your years. Abraham  Lincoln

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