Develop a Positive-Mental-Attitude and Change Perceived Reality

A positive-mental-attitude can have a dramatic effect on our physical and mental health. It is, however, difficult for older persons to maintain a positive-mental-attitude when our society is constantly telling us that we are no longer capable of making a meaningful contribution or that we are weak and decrepit. And yet it is essential to longevity and quality of life that we see ourselves as capable, strong and intelligent.

Our government has established an arbitrary retirement age and many of our companies have as well. Television ads portray us as weak and dependent. Chronic diseases increase dramatically in the first few years after retirement many times resulting in “early retirement death”. This is the result of the self-perception that they are correct and useful life ends at 65. If our minds accept that perception, our bodies will follow the brain’s lead and begin shutting down.

I urge you to exam your own self-perception. How do you see yourself? Do you see yourself as old, feeble, or weak? If you see yourself that way you will be. On the other hand if you believe yourself to be young and healthy, your body will respond positively. Your mind is very powerful and with a positive-mental-attitude can lead the body to many happy vibrant years of life long after retirement from your primary profession.

Our minds and thoughts can have a dramatic impact on our health and how we age. If we expect a mental or physical decline it will occur. Expectation is a strong belief that something will occur. If our expectation is negative, the outcome will be negative. If, on the other hand, we have a positive-mental-attitude and expect to live a long healthy life the chances are that is exactly what the outcome will be.

A positive faith filled attitude will lead to positive outcomes and conversely a negative attitude will lead to negative outcomes. What we believe has a powerful influence over our body, our relationships and our environment. We weren’t born with a negative attitude; it is a learned response to our life experience. What we focus our mind on becomes our reality; our thoughts lead to action, action leads to habit, and habit leads to our destiny.

We all have suppressed negative thoughts in our subconscious that can be more harmful than those that are in our awareness. These old negative thoughts and feelings can be very damaging. The first step in changing them is to become aware of them. Meditation and prayer is a great way to bring them into your awareness. You can also find a clue by identifying thoughts that crossed your mind before a troubling mood change. When you become aware of them you can focus on making a correction. It sounds easy but it is not. We have to want to change.

Our mental attitude and how we perceive ourselves is as important to our health and vitality as nutrition and exercise. If we want our destiny to include longevity with a high quality of life we will need to develop a positive-mental-attitude that expects a life of vitality and health. Since habits grow stronger with time, the time to start the change is now.

The following are some tips to develop a positive-mental-attitude and reverse the negativity in our lives.

  • Both believe and visualize yourself as a strong and healthy “mighty man or woman” of God.
  • Learn to love and respect yourself and others as Jesus commanded us to do.
  • Realize that words have power and commit to make both our self-talk and communications with others positive.
  • Replace fear and doubt with faith. Turn to God and trust in Him to protect you and meet your needs when trouble or problems come.
  • Avoid the use of negative words or phrases when describing ourselves or others. This avoidance would include words like not, can’t, ugly, dirty, dumb or anything degrading. Also avoid positive phrases that have a negative meaning. The worst of these is, I am old or I am weak, or I am ugly.
  • Fill your brain with positive uplifting thoughts. Meditation on scripture or other good things is an excellent method to keep your focus upbeat. See the “managing stress” page for a suggested meditation technique.
  • Select some personal positive affirmations and repeat them to yourself several times each day and also meditate on them at least once per day.
  • Stay physically fit because senior fitness resulting from a good sustained exercise program will improve the quality of your life by helping to manage blood pressure and help to keep your brain healthy.
  • Become a volunteer and/or join a service club to keep your mind and body active and stimulated. Service to others is both healing and the core value of Christianity.

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