Consider Fourteen Possible Jobs-for-Retirees

Jobs-for-retirees can and should give you a sense of purpose and provide opportunities for socialization, challenge and mental/physical stimulation. Why should we be interested in jobs-­for-retirees? While I can’t speak for you, I believe that there are sound reasons for a post retirement job. For me the most compelling is that a job whether for pay or as a volunteer can be good for your mental and physical health.

The next compelling reason is finding an opportunity for extra income to improve our ability to continue saving.  Saving and reinvesting part of the income from a post retirement job or a home business could help offset erosion by inflation, absorb cost of changes in the healthcare system and increase your average retirement income.

We live in uncertain times with a fragile economy and a disturbing transformation of our health care system. Jobs-for-retirees that can provide social interaction and mental and physical stimulation may enable us to maintain our health and quality of life. Maintaining good health will help to us improve our quality of life and limit our need for healthcare services to annual checkups by our personal physician.

The amount of income that you will want from retirement employment will depend on your unique situation and the decisions that are made regarding lifestyle choices. Everyone is different and your personal cash needs should not be based on an arbitrary number but on your real assessment. Each of us will also have to determine how much time to devote to a retirement job. Do you want to work full time or just a few hours each week? What is your tolerance for stress?

Consider these jobs-for-retirees

The following are possible sources for jobs-for-retirees:

  1. Consulting in your former profession or trade. Temporary or interim positions with your former company or a competitor are possibilities.
  2. Sales clerk or stock clerk in retail establishments. They often offer full and/or part time work for retired people. This could include supermarkets, pharmacies, big box hardware and general merchandise stores.
  3. Security officer in shopping malls or for large retail outlets.  Mall management companies provide inside and outside security with both full and part time security personnel. A license and certification will likely be necessary. Large shopping malls are opportunity rich for jobs-for-retirees.
  4. Drivers and clerk positions for rental car companies are possible full and part time jobs-for retirees. I had an occasion to rent a car recently and the man who picked me up told me that he was retired and worked for this agency three days per week.
  5. Part time teaching positions at local trade schools or community colleges are often available for qualified candidates.
  6. Part time research for business firms or community colleges and universities.
  7. Government agencies often hire part time or seasonal help. Like the outdoors try state and federal parks and recreational areas. And don’t overlook city or county governments.
  8. Like sports such as football, baseball, basketball, and/or hockey? The teams in your city likely offer part time seasonal positions to locals.
  9. Do you like home sales but don’t have a realtor license? Consider real estate developers who sometimes hire their own sales people to work out of models of condominium or villa projects as sales counselors. Also check out sales counselor positions in senior housing projects as a possibility.
  10. Do you have an accounting or tax background? Seasonal work is always available with one of the tax preparation companies who sometimes provide training.
  11. Hospitals, nursing homes, and medical clinics often have need of weekend reception/clerical personnel.
  12. Check out call center services such as “Alpine Access” for a good work at home possibility. Alpine has more than 4000 work at home customer service agents in several cities and towns.
  13. Do you like to write and work at home? Do freelance writing for bloggers or web sites that often retain guest writers for their blog.
  14. Do you have a cause or hobby that you are passionate about? Create your own web site or blog to share it with the world and make some extra money while you are at it.   

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Jobs-for-retirees could be as simple as providing consulting or handyman services to setting up an office services company or developing your own blog or you could also consider a franchise business. An important consideration is your own health and quality of life. Good advice is to avoid highly stressful jobs or business and choose something that will provide some flexibility to do those “recreational retirement things.”

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