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One of the benefits-of-magnesium-supplements is that most of us just don’t get enough magnesium to meet our health needs from dietary sources. This is true despite the fact that Dietary sources of magnesium are readily available in foods such as dark green vegetables, some nuts and seeds, avocados, brown rice, and dried prunes/apricots.

Many people avoid eating the right foods, drink softened water, or ingest food or medications that deplete magnesium. Natural sources are always best but don’t help if they are not used. The fact is that most Americans and probably most citizens of this world are deficient in magnesium.

Most of the body’s magnesium is found in the bones (60%) and cells (39%). The balance is found in the blood. Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in our body and is needed for more than 300 enzymatic actions. Dr. Stephan Sinatra says that magnesium may be "a longevity” mineral because it improves the metabolic efficiency of cells in our bodies. He has called magnesium one of the awesome foursome in heart health. Refer to magnesium health benefits.

The benefits-of-magnesium-supplements include muscle relaxation, helps with sleep and helps relieve tension. Magnesium is critical for producing energy in muscles including heart muscles. Low magnesium can cause muscles to spasm which is certainly something that we don’t want in the heart.

Magnesium helps regulate calcium and assists to balance levels of potassium and sodium in the blood.  Studies show that increasing potassium and magnesium in the diet while lowering sodium can lower blood pressure. Helping to manage blood pressure is one of the significant benefits-of-magnesium-supplements.

The body uses magnesium from the bones and tissues to replenish the blood.  You can have normal blood levels of magnesium and still have a deficiency in the bones and cells. Magnesium blood tests don’t drop below normal until severe magnesium depletion occurs. Blood tests are not a reliable measure.

Seven benefits-of-magnesium-supplements:

  1. Magnesium supplements help to maintain healthy magnesium levels for those who can’t or won’t get it from natural sources.
  2. Magnesium supplements help prevent high blood pressure by maintaining a proper balance of potassium and sodium in the body and by helping the lining of arteries stay smooth and elastic.
  3. Since blocked blood vessels in the brain are associated with low levels of cellular magnesium, one of the benefits-of-magnesium-supplements may be to assist in the prevention of strokes.
  4. Calcification of soft tissues is a serious problem which may be prevented by magnesium. The flow of calcium into the heart is controlled by magnesium. Magnesium is crucial for heart muscle function. It has been shown to improve exercise endurance and cardiac function. Refer to heart healthy supplements.
  5. Supplementing with magnesium may help improve insulin and glucose levels. Helping to prevent the development of type II diabetes may be one of the most significant benefits-of-magnesium-supplements. Magnesium helps manage blood sugar.
  6. Magnesium plays an important role in the prevention of osteoporosis. Strong bones need magnesium, calcium, and vitamin D.
  7. One of the important benefits of supplementing with magnesium is that magnesium has a role in helping to prevent cancer. A number of studies have shown that a diet low in magnesium can increase the risk of various forms of cancer. Magnesium supports a healthy immune system and protects against free radical damage.

Since we are all unique the dosage necessary for each individual will be different and is a matter to be discussed with your physician. I take magnesium with my daily dose of CoQ10, L-Carnitine and Di-Ribose.  

Like all nutritional supplements, magnesium should be taken only under the supervision of your physician, especially if you have diabetes, heart disease or kidney disease. If you want to learn more about the benefits-of-magnesium­-supplements read the reference books listed.

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