Weekend-getaways enrich your life

Weekend-getaways are a great way to manage stress in your life or to continue a romance with your spouse or just enjoy a hobby. Weekend-getaways can serve the same purposes as a retirement travel vacation but can be less costly and offer more variety.

The duration of a weekend getaway is usually thought of as two to three days. We would include day trips in this category. An example of such a trip could include a drive to Nashville Indiana from Indianapolis for a day of shopping and dining or a drive from Orlando to Winter Park, Florida for the same thing. We often don't realize the treasure that exists in our own community.

On the other hand, air travel makes even distant destinations an option for short weekend-getaways. You might prefer a three day stay in a bed and breakfast in Savannah, GA: Gettysburg, Pa; a three day shopping and site seeing tour in New York City; or a short trip to the west coast of Florida.

We recently drove from Orlando, Florida to the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina and met our daughter who flew down from Indianapolis, Indiana. We had a wonderful three day stay and are planning another trip to the Biltmore next year.

A getaway whether for a weekend or a day trip is great when all you need is a short break for relaxation or to reconnect with children and grandchildren. Whether for leisure, excitement, adventure or education, getting away for two to three days can offer a variety of fun and interesting activities. Also short trips that can be taken in the family car can be more economical than commercial transportation.

Hiking and fishing are relaxing and healthy activities so a camping trip might be a great idea. The cost of campsites at State or Federal parks is usually much less than the typical hotel room. If you don't have your own camping equipment, you can rent it. Some State parks are “primitive” with very limited sanitary services or security. Others have more modern facilities for toileting and bathing and offer 24-hour security.

If a tent is too primitive for you, consider renting a recreational vehicle (RV) to get you where you're going. Motor homes and travel trailers can be rented. Most are equipped with small kitchens and with bathrooms complete with showers. Travel trailers will need a tow vehicle and in either case there is the high cost of fuel to consider.

Weekend-getaways should enrich your life and have a positive impact on your happiness. From that viewpoint, it is best to keep it as simple as possible. If planning the trip gets too complicated and stressful, it may not be worth the effort. Planning the trip should be a part of the fun and not a source of stress.

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