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The retire blog is about coping with retirement challenges including the big two, health and income. Good health is the top priority.

The retire blog lets you know whenever any new web pages appear on the vitality-retirement web site relating to health issues, places to retire, retirement jobs, or other retirement issues.

Retirement-lifestyle with good health as a goal

Give meaning to your retirement-lifestyle by providing service to your church and community; providing for your health; and developing new relationships.

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Support Alzheimers-prevention with a Healthy Lifestyle

Eight actions to include in your Alzheimers-prevention program.

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Alzheimers-care to meet special needs

Alzheimers-care is best provided at home but is often provided in specialty units of both nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

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Health benefits-of-tea superior to coffee?

Consider the benefits-of-tea in fighting cancer and improving both heart health and cognitive ability

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The health benefits-of-coffee are real

Some studies have indicated that the health benefits-of-coffee may include helping in the prevention of type-2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.

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Maintain your healthy-heart for life

Maintaining a healthy-heart is ultimately our responsibility and for most of us will require some lifestyle changes.

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For most of us, average-retirement-income most likely consists of social security supplemented by an annuity or some other similar income source.

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