Retire - For life - What choices will you make to have a healthy lifestyle?

Retirement by definition allows us the time and flexibility to design a quality lifestyle for ourselves. For that reason these years can be the best of our lives. This new life is not without challenges including the big two, health and income. Without good health, expanding your income base and enjoying a happy life is a lot more difficult, if not impossible.

Conversely, income at a comfortable level is necessary to maintain good health. The question of when to retire and where, is often a financial one. Post career income for most of us will be from more than one or two sources. Those sources that involve a new job or business will not only contribute income but will potentially provide healthy mental and physical stimulation. Retirement-income-planning is a necessary prerequisite to a happy lifestyle.

We make our own choices in life and to a great degree we are where we are and what we are as a result of choices that we made along the way. What we choose now will make a big difference in the quality of the rest of our lives.

Our goal should be to have good emotional, spiritual, and physical health. Longevity is desirable but not without a quality of life that comes with good health. With good health longevity is a blessing, without good health a long life can be a painful burden.

Good health is the top priority

And Prevention is the key to a healthy retirement.

The earlier we start living a healthy lifestyle the better. We have to be proactive and involved in planning our own "good" health. What are you willing to do to achieve a healthy life? Our quest for good health has to be balanced. We need both a healthy mind and a healthy body. A healthy body without a healthy mind can be a curse.

We must know the state of our own health and what impacts our health for the good and the bad. This requires regular visits to your family physician and diligent study about healthy living. In effect we need to become our own wellness doctor. You and your physician should be partners in planning your health care. He or she needs and will appreciate your input.

It is my desire that information in this web site will assist you in living a long and healthy life beyond your working years. Please join me in making lifestyle choices that will provide a balance of:

  • Spiritual peace
  • Good health
  • Comfortable income
  • Service to others
  • Relaxation
  • Fun and recreation
  • Travel
  • Stimulating work

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Senior-health-care driven by family physician
Senior-health-care driven by family physician
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Retirement-communities, Choose your option
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about-me in retirement
Dedicated to vitality and healthy independence in retirement.
Stay Current with “Senior-Health-News Report”
Stay current with “Senior-Health-News Report” to maintain a safe, happy and healthy retirement lifestyle.
Disclaimer and goal
Vitality Retirement Site-Map
Vitality Retirement Site-Map

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